No Silver Bullet: UK Firms Under Attack
How IT leaders are tooling up with advanced security to combat online threats

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Guarding your customer data, company IP and systems is more important than ever and there’s no doubt that cybersecurity is now a major board-level issue. This research report explores current threat levels and what IT decision makers on the frontline think will comprise the biggest challenges and cyber threats to their organisation.

What are UK IT leaders most concerned about over the coming 12 months?

Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet to tackle these modern day threats and IT decision makers should not just invest in the latest and greatest technologies. In order to combat these threats a multi-layered solution such as Trend Micro XGen™ Security is the best approach. An integrated threat defence strategy covering endpoint, network, web, email and physical/hybrid cloud servers is required for maximum protection with minimum impact on performance.

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There is no silver bullet

The strengths and weakness of today’s threat-protection techniques—and why a multi-layered approach to endpoint security is a must

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What’s Your X? XGen™ Security Explained

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