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Forrester reveals the good news about single-vendor security ecosystems

Switch to Complete User Protection from Trend Micro

Protect better

Are point products leaving gaps in your security? Switch to a complete solution that delivers multiple layers of interconnected security. We give you the best protection for your users with the broadest range of threat protection techniques available.

Simplify management for on-premise, cloud, or both

You need protection that can evolve with your business. Seamlessly move between on-premise, cloud, and hybrid security when you need to. And easily manage across threat vectors and deployment models with a single console that delivers complete user-centric visibility and control of your security.

Proven by customers

Switching to Trend Micro solutions helped DCI Donor Services reduce overall security costs by 15%. “We haven’t had to reduce our IT staff, and our system administrators can now focus their time on more important projects."

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