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Trend Micro Custom Defense: Proven protection against
targeted attacks and advanced persistent threats

Detect, analyze, and respond to advanced malware and other attack techniques

Your enterprise may be under attack by sophisticated criminals and/or nation-states. They’re focused on stealing your data and intellectual property with advanced malware and attack techniques that are purpose-built to breach your defenses, networks, and devices.

Cheap for attackers, costly for targets

  • Estimated price of tools needed to launch an attack: ~ GBP £132 – GBP £217*
  • Average cost of a single successful data breach: ~ GBP £3.46M**

* TrendLabs 2013 (conversion rate: 1 USD = 0.58636 GBP)
** Ponemon Institute LLC, May 2014 (conversion rate: 1 USD = 0.58636 GBP)

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The Trend Micro Custom Defense is a family of security solutions that enable you to rapidly detect, analyze, and respond to targeted attacks and advanced threats before they unleash lasting damage.

Cd Icon Proven-threat-detectionProven threat detection—Detects malicious behavior, command-and-control communications, lateral movement, and data exfiltration


Cd Icon Advanced-malware-analysisAdvanced malware analysis—Executes suspicious files and executables in virtual sandbox environments that are customized to precisely match your desktop images


Cd Icon Unified-defenseCreate a unified defense—Share threat insight with your security infrastructure to enable you to block and contain an attack


Cd Icon Prompt-responsePrompt response—Automatically correlates both local and global threat insights to enable rapid containment and remediation of compromised network assets and devices

Deep Discovery

The Deep Discovery platform is the foundation of the Trend Micro Custom Defense, integrating your security infrastructure into a comprehensive defense tailored to protect your organization against targeted attacks.

Flexibility to address the challenges that matter to your organization

Detect and respond to targeted attacks

Identify suspicious inbound, outbound, and internal network activity and advanced malware associated with targeted attacks.

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Stop targeted email attacks

Detect and block spear-phishing attacks, the most common way that targeted attacks and advanced threats penetrate target networks.

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Enhance targeted attack protection

Increase the value of your Trend Micro and third-party security investments by adding custom sandbox analysis to detect advanced malware.

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Detect and respond to targeted attacks

The most costly targeted attacks and advanced threats are aimed directly at your organization. They’re designed to evade your traditional security strategies, breach your defenses, and steal your data and intellectual property.

In order to detect and respond to these attacks, Trend Micro enables your organization with 360-degree monitoring and detection provided by the Deep Discovery Inspector appliance.

  • Comprehensive protection—A single appliance monitors traffic over more than eighty applications and protocols and across every network port
  • Best-in-class detection—Identifies known and unknown malware, zero-day exploits, command-and-control communications, lateral movement, and other attack activities
  • Rapid remediation—Enables visibility into compromise of endpoints by providing detailed forensic data to enable fast containment and remediation of affected endpoints
  • Integration and intelligence sharing—Enhances existing security infrastructure by sharing local and global threat intelligence with SIEMs, gateways, and other security layers

Deep Discovery Inspector

Delivers 360-degree monitoring for network-wide detection of malware and attacker behavior.

Endpoint monitoring and validation

With the optional addition of Trend Micro Deep Discovery Endpoint Sensor software, your security team can rapidly identify, validate, and contain compromised endpoint desktops, laptops, and servers without the need for issuing an IT service call.

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Deep Discovery Endpoint Sensor

Detailed endpoint activity tracking enables rapid attack validation and analysis.

Stop targeted email attacks

The vast majority of targeted attacks are initiated by a targeted email, or spear-phishing attack. These attacks employ sophisticated social-engineering techniques to target specific users. As soon as their target clicks a link or opens an attachment within an email, attackers are able to establish a beachhead, to penetrate your network in search of valuable data and intellectual property.

To identify and stop targeted email attacks, Trend Micro provides a purpose-built single appliance. The Trend Micro Deep Discovery Email Inspector uses proven algorithms and specialized detection methodologies to detect and block email traffic that contains malicious attachments or URLs.

  • Email attachment analysis—Examines attachments (including a wide range of Windows executables, Microsoft Office, pdf, zip, web content, and compressed file types) using multiple detection engines and custom sandboxing.
  • Embedded URL analysis—Reputation, content analysis, and sandbox simulation identify malicious URLs embedded in spear-phishing emails.
  • Flexible deployment and interoperability—Deploys transparently in conjunction with existing email gateways to provide an additional layer of detection capabilities; can be deployed in MTA (blocking) or BCC (monitor) modes

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Deep Discovery Email Inspector

Uses a variety of advanced techniques to detect and block spear-phishing and other targeted email attacks.

Enhance protection against targeted attacks

Targeted attacks and advanced threats are designed to breach your network by evading your existing security defenses. If you have already invested in Trend Micro email and web security solutions, you can easily and cost-effectively leverage what you have to detect email and web-based targeted attacks.

Trend Micro customers using Interscan Messaging Security, Interscan Web Security, ScanMail for Exchange or ScanMail for IBM Domino can readily add the ability to detect advanced malware by enhancing existing security with the custom sandboxing capability of the Trend Micro Deep Discovery Analyzer. Through tight integration with your existing Trend Micro products, it gives your organization the ability to detect and block malicious and potentially costly attacks that use email or web applications to infiltrate your network.

  • Seamless interoperability—Enhances existing Trend Micro email and web gateways without the need for policy or platform changes, and shares a common interface for defining policies and administration
  • Custom sandboxing—Performs sandbox simulation and analysis in environments that precisely match your desktop software configurations, ensuring optimal detection and low false-positive rates
  • Detection of advanced malware—Uses multiple detection engines and custom sandbox environments that match your computing images, to provide superior detection of advanced malware that targets your organization and is delivered in common file formats, including Windows executables, Microsoft Office, PDF, zip, and compressed file types
  • Open architecture—Enables manual submission of files for analysis, and uses a web services interface to easily integrate with third-party technologies

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Deep Discovery Analyzer

Enhances existing detection capabilities with advanced heuristics, sandboxing, and intelligence-sharing to discover targeted attacks and advanced threats.

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