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Trend Micro Virtual Patching

It’s time to take control
of patching costs

Analysts recommend saving
with virtual patching (PDF/engl.)

Shield vulnerabilities before they can be exploited

Hundreds of software vulnerabilities are exposed each month, and timely patching is expensive, prone to error and often impossible. Trend Micro virtual patching solutions (PDF/engl.) deliver immediate protection while eliminating the costs and operational pains of emergency patching, frequent patch cycles, and costly system downtime.

You get proven vulnerability security that will keep your servers and endpoints protected until patches can be deployed, or indefinitely for out-of-support or unpatchable systems . This virtual patching protection can help you extend the life of legacy systems and applications as well as lowering your administrative expenses. Calculate your savings.

Start with virtual patching in the data center

Trend Micro Deep Security shields vulnerabilities in critical systems until a patch is available and deployed or in place of a future patch that may never materialize. See how the City of Fresno, California (PDF/engl.) protect their most valuable assets with virtual patching.

  • Maintain premium protection against vulnerabilities
  • Minimize your patch management costs
  • Comply with regulations and best practices
  • Protect point-of-sale devices, kiosks, embedded devices, and custom applications


Take vulnerability shielding to the desktop

Trend Micro OfficeScan Intrusion Defense Firewall shields vulnerabilities in Windows desktops and laptops. It seamlessly plugs into the Trend Micro OfficeScan console for unified management of a complete endpoint security platform. See how SMDC Health System (PDF/engl.) reduced IT costs by 50% with endpoint security and virtual patching.

  • HIPS rules shield against known vulnerabilities
  • Behavior analysis and self learning block new threats
  • Proven #1 malware protection prevents vulnerability exploitations
  • Virtual patching available for both physical and virtual desktop

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