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Deep Security as a Service

Advanced cloud security built for Amazon Web Services


Deep Security as a Service delivers a complete set of security capabilities for Amazon Web Services including intrusion detection and prevention, firewall, anti-malware, web reputation and integrity monitoring.

The service runs on AWS for rapid deployment and security can be elastically added to instances for instant protection from a centrally managed security console.

Security built for Amazon Web Services

As organizations embrace cloud computing, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is emerging as a leading Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider.  For AWS customers, protecting EC2 and Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) instances is a shared responsibility with Amazon. While AWS provides secure facilities and processes, it is the customer’s responsibility to protect operating systems, applications and data running on AWS.

Trend Micro’s Deep Security as a Service is designed specifically to address these security needs so that instances are protected with security optimized for the AWS environment. Fast to launch and easy to deploy, Deep Security’s tight integration with AWS makes security elastic so organizations get the full benefit of the cloud’s agility and cost effectiveness…and do so securely.

Maximize operational cost reductions

Avoids set-up and hardware costs by hosting on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • Saves the effort to deploy and manage disparate products with a complete set of security capabilities
  • Reduces admin workload with AWS
  • Automatically recognizes new instances
  • Provides vulnerability protection to prioritize secure coding and cost-effective implementation of unscheduled  patching
  • Automates repetitive and resource-intensive security tasks, reducing false positive security alerts, and enabling workflow of security incident response

Prevent data breaches and business disruptions

Detects and removes malware in real time with minimal performance impact

  • Blocks malware that attempts to evade detection by uninstalling or otherwise disrupting the security program
  • Reduces exposure to attack by ensuring cloud servers are only communicating with expected systems
  • Shields known and unknown vulnerabilities
  • Detects and alerts suspicious or malicious activity to trigger proactive, preventative actions
  • Leverages the web reputation capabilities by controlling server communication at the domain level

Achieve cost-effective compliance

Addresses major compliance requirements for PCI DSS 2.0, as well as HIPAA, NIST, and SAS 70

  • Provides detailed, auditable reports that document prevented attacks and policy compliance status
  • Reduces the preparation time and effort required to support audits
  • Supports internal compliance initiatives to increase visibility of internal network activity
  • Leverages proven technology certified to Common Criteria EAL4+

Get elastic security for immediate protection of instances as they launch

Trend Micro Deep Security as a Service provides the most complete set of recommended security capabilities available to those using AWS. Most importantly, these capabilities are tightly integrated with AWS, making it faster and easier to meet security requirements.

Designed for Amazon Web Services

Access a full set of security customized for AWS instances

Designed to run on and with Amazon Web Services, the Deep Security service makes it fast and easy to secure EC2 and VPC instances:

  • Runs on AWS. Because the Deep Security service runs on AWS itself, the time to set-up and configure an account is dramatically reduced. Create an account in less than five minutes.
  • Easy deployment. Deep Security is compatible with the leading cloud deployment tools in use today (Chef, Puppet, Rightscale, OpsWorks, etc…) so that security can be built into current elastic environments.
  • Instant-on security. Deep Security’s AWS Autosync capability means that new instances are automatically recognized when launched and security initiated, dramatically reducing the risk of any instances being unprotected at any point.
  • Automatic policy. AWS Autosync also allows specific customizable policy templates to be applied based an AWS instance information so the right policies are applied to the right servers, automatically.

Management of security is performed from a single, integrated administrative console which automatically provides a single up to date view of your AWS environment

Complete set of security capabilities

Deep Security delivers a full set of security capabilities to secure server instances

Already selected by thousands of customers to protect millions of servers, it is the only solution to deliver:

  • Intrusion detection and prevention. Shield unpatched vulnerabilities from attack with auto-updating security policies that ensure the right protection is applied to the right cloud servers at the right time.
  • Advanced firewall. Create a firewall perimeter around each cloud server to block attacks and limit communication to only the ports and protocols necessary.
  • Anti-malware. New malware is being created every second of every day and Deep Security as a Service provides timely protection against this avalanche of malware being used to attack systems and steal data.
  • Integrity monitoring. Meet your compliance file and system monitoring requirements, while ensuring unauthorized or out of policy changes are detected and reported.
  • Log Inspection. Identify important security events buried in multiple log entries, forwarding suspicious events to an SIEM system or centralized logging server for correlation, reporting and archiving.
  • Web reputation. Control which domains your servers can communicate with to reduce the risk of compromise.

To ease administration, these security functions are managed via a set of customizable policy templates and rules through a single administrative console.

Easy administration

Simplifies cloud security with an integrated administrative console and tight AWS integration

Deep Security as a Service makes managing security for AWS easy.

  • Single dashboard. With its customizable dashboard, Deep Security as a Service enables users to see the health of their security environment at a glance.
  • Alerts. The Logging Alert function provides immediate notification of events or activities that may require immediate attention.
  • Events and reports. Deep Security supports sixteen different types of reports including user reports, security module specific reports and general reports with custom filtering.
  • Instance inventory. The instance inventory display shows the inventory of instances associated with the AWS account and their current status.
  • Customizable policy templates. Policy templates allow users to enable and disable security controls on-the-fly based on specific rules they have assigned.

The integrated administrative console combined with tight AWS integration makes providing the security needed for the cloud fast and easy.

Elastic pricing that fits with AWS

Deep Security as a Service introduces revolutionary pricing that delivers unprecedented value and that reflects how you use Amazon Web Services. Not only do you pay only for what you use without minimum fees, your costs are based on EC2 instance pricing.

With Deep Security as a Service, you only pay for security you use at a rate of 20% of the EC2 price for the instances you are protecting*. For example:

  • Securing a Small Instance costs 20% of the current AWS EC2 price (for example, £0.060 per hour) for a cost of £0.012 per hour.
  • Securing an Extra Large Instance costs 20% of the current AWS EC2 price (for example, £0.480 per hour) for a cost of £0.096 per hour.

And like Amazon Web Services itself, you pay only for what you use. There is no minimum fee. Billing is monthly via credit card. 

Try free for 30 days

Get full, unlimited access to the Deep Security service for 30 days. This includes:

  • All security capabilities: intrusion prevention, host-based firewall, anti-malware, web reputation and integrity monitoring
  • Full AWS integration including AWS AutoSync for elastic security deployment and management
  • Integrated dashboard and customizable security policy templates


*NOTE: Requires use of included AWS Connector to detect AWS instance types. Otherwise charges of $0.10 per hour will apply. As EC2 Pricing changes, your costs will automatically be updated!



See Deep Security in action now

Want to see Trend Micro’s Deep Security service running in a sample AWS environment right now? Then take advantage of the Deep Security Test Drive and see it in action!

Trend Micro has partnered with Amazon Web Services to provide the ability to quickly and easily explore the benefits of using Trend Micro security in your AWS deployments. These fully functional labs are provided for free for demonstration purposes and include three hours of complimentary AWS server time.

The Test Drive provides an overview of some of the advanced security controls available from Trend Micro for your AWS environment. The 45 minute lab will show you how easy it is to apply the right security controls in your production applications. These controls help to ensure the integrity of your application and protect it against cross-site scripting, malicious URLs and other threats.

You can run this lab up to three times and you’ll also receive a 30 day free trial of Deep Security as a Service so you can try it out in your own AWS environment.

Visit AWS and access your Test Drive














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