Block breaches
at the Point of Sale (PoS).

With a quick and easy install of application whitelisting, you can shield your organization against even the most determined attackers. Simply block unwanted or unknown applications from executing on your PoS devices.

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Stop bad apps from compromising your PoS devices

Adding application whitelisting to your PoS security lets you lock down devices so you are in control of what applications run on your network. You can protect your organization and prevent a huge nightmare of financial and legal liability. With so much at stake, you need proven protection that:

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Take your PoS protection to the next level

Endpoint Application Control is great. In fact, it’s the best. But interconnected, multi-layered security suites are better. Take a small step with a big impact. Upgrade your PoS protection and you’ll get the broadest range of threat and data protection capabilities, at multiple layers. And you can easily move any part of your business to the cloud and make changes on the fly without the hassles of new licenses.

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Proven by customers

Effective PoS protection goes beyond safeguarding your PoS devices. You also have to protect your broader organization while meeting legal and financial regulations.

Intelligence on PoS threats