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Hosted Email Security

Continuously updated to stop spam and viruses before they reach you

Hosted Email Security

Trend Micro Hosted Email Security is a no-maintenance required solution that delivers continuously updated protection to stop spam and viruses before they reach your network.

Stop Spam

  • Helps you reclaim productivity and bandwidth
  • Rated #1 for stopping spam and blocking malware
  • 99%+ spam blocking (PDF) with no more than .0003% false positives and zero email-based viruses

Save Time

  • Helps free your time to implement critical business initiatives
  • No maintenance required since Trend Micro experts continuously implement all updates, patches and hot fixes 24x7
  • Spam quarantine managed by end users - not IT staff

Sleep Easy

  • 100% service availability (PDF) with no more than one minute of mail delivery latency
  • World-class data centers in North America and Europe with multiple data privacy certifications including SAS 70 Type ll and ISO 9001
  • Trend Micro Smart Protection Network to rapidly identify new threats and continuously improve protection against known threats

Rated #1 and Already Protects more than 30,000 Companies Worldwide

With core technologies rated #1 for stopping spam and blocking malware, Hosted Email Security protects more than 30,000 companies in more than 110 countries worldwide, and includes an industry-leading money-back Service Level Agreement (PDF).

Lower Costs

By stopping spam and viruses before they reach your network, you can extend the life of your existing infrastructure. This means lowering the costs associated with your network, your mail server, and your current email security product.

Reduce Maintenance Burden

Hosted Email Security is continuously updated 24x7 by Trend Micro’s worldwide team of security experts. It's a “no maintenance required” solution that – according to customer surveys – can cut the number of hours you spend on email security maintenance in half.

Accelerate Productivity

Reducing infrastructure costs and maintenance requirements leaves you more time to implement critical projects like voice over IP, adding mail server capacity, or securing your increasingly mobile workforce. And Hosted Email Security also includes an industry-leading service level agreement that commits us to one hundred percent uptime.

Automatically Encrypt Email

Don’t rely on end users to secure vital data. With policy-based encryption from Trend Micro, you can automatically enforce compliance requirements and protect confidential information. Trend Micro Hosted Email Encryption is an optional add-on that identifies particular types of content and encrypts emails when rules are triggered. To apply it, simply check the appropriate box. To request a free 30-day trial of Hosted Email Encryption you must also be using Trend Micro Hosted Email Security. Current Hosted Email Security customers can use the service console to request a free trial of Hosted Email Encryption.
Datasheet (PDF)

Activate Inbound Filtering

Hosted Email Security-Inbound Filtering relies on the same core technology and correlated threat data as our full-featured Hosted Email Security to identify and stop new kinds of spam and malicious URLs embedded in email in real-time. Best of all, you might already have it. Hosted Email Security-Inbound Filtering is bundled with Worry-Free Business Security Advanced. To begin enjoying the benefits, all you need to do is activate it.
See how inbound filtering adds value (PDF).

Certified Data Privacy

All our data centers are covered by privacy policies, which meet the world’s most stringent certifications


  • ISO 27001
  • ISO9001
  • OHSAS18001 (LHR1)
  • SAS 70 Type II (in process)

North America:

  • SAS 70 Type II
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 27001

Email is Mission Critical. Email Security Should be Mission Critical too.

Trend Micro Hosted Email Security is a no–maintenance-required solution that delivers continuously updated protection to stop spam and viruses before they reach your network. Here’s how:

  • We add value to your current environment
  • We provide always-up-to-the-minute security
  • We have the infrastructure you need

Cloud-based security is only as good as the infrastructure behind it.

We stand by the availability of our robust, fully redundant, geographically distributed data centers. If one data center becomes unavailable, emails are automatically and transparently re-routed to a different data center, with no impact on delivery. That’s why—unlike other vendors—we measure downtime in minutes, not hours.

Powered by the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network™

Trend Micro Hosted Email Security helps you fight spam and other threats by applying multilayered email scanning technologies powered by the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network. The Smart Protection Network scans, correlates and filters more than 20 billion website URLs, email sources, and files daily to stop emerging threats in real-time and continuously improve protection against existing, known threats.

Easy deployment, flexible policies, zero maintenance

Trend Micro Hosted Email Security deploys rapidly with a simple redirect of the MX record. It simplifies management with end-user quarantine management and flexible policy creation. And you're assured up-to-the-minute security with updates implemented 24x7 by Trend Micro security experts.

No maintanence, hardware or software required when using Trend Micro Hosted Email Security

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I switch from my current email security solution?

No spam

If your end users are receiving too much spam and email-based malware, Trend Micro Hosted Email Security (HES) is rated #1 for stopping spam and blocking malware. Our Service Level Agreement commits to 99% or better spam blocking with .0003% or lower false positives – or money back.

No delivery delays

If you’re experiencing email delivery delays, Hosted Email Security is committed to no more than one minute of email delivery latency – or your money back.

No downtime

If you’re experiencing email downtime, you need to know that every HES customer receives a contractually-binding 100% uptime commitment – or your money back.

24x7 phone support

If you’re experiencing support issues, realize that Hosted Email Security provides every customer - regardless of size - 24x7 phone support on a worldwide basis.

Unlimited scanning

If your email and spam volume are growing faster than your current solution’s ability to process it in a timely manner, understand that you get unlimited email scanning capacity licensed by the user, not by mailbox or by mail volumes.

No lost email

If your email is lost or bounced back to sender when your mail server goes down, you’ll want HES because email is automatically queued for up to five days if your mail server is offline, and then forwarded when back online.

2. I require always up-to-the-minute security; can HES do the job?

Yes, because HES relies on Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network. It scans, correlates, and filters 20+ billion email sources, websites and files daily to identify and stop emerging threats in real time and continuously improve response to known threats.

3. I don’t have time to maintain an email security product. Is HES maintenance-free?

Yes, HES requires no maintenance since our security experts perform all updates, patches, and hot fixes on a 24x7 basis. Our no-maintenance-required solution and industry-leading service level commitments allow you to reclaim time for more important IT initiatives.

System Requirements

As a hosted service, Trend Micro Hosted Email Security does not require additional hardware or software located on your premises. All the scanning hardware and software is operated and maintained offsite at Trend Micro’s secure data centers.

To access your local Hosted Email Security administration account, you only need a personal computer with Internet access and either: Microsoft™ Internet Explorer 6.0 or 7.0 or Mozilla™ Firefox™ 2.0 and JavaScript™ and Sun™ Java™ Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.4 or higher.

To start using Hosted Email Security, environments must also have an existing Internet gateway or workgroup SMTP connection and access to the DNS mail exchange record required to redirect the MX mail host record. If you have hosted email, then contact your service provider for more information or configuration help in redirecting your MX record.

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