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Network VirusWall Enforcer

Network VirusWall Enforcer

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Agentless network access control for mobile and remote users

Control access to your network with Trend Micro Network VirusWall Enforcer. This plug-n-protect, agentless network access control (NAC) appliance controls network access by ensuring devices managed or unmanaged, local or remote comply with corporate security policies before they can access the network. Extend secure network access to remote and mobile employees, contractors, partners and customers without excessive administrative costs.

Key Features

  •     Provides granular and consistent security policy enforcement
  •     Scans managed and unmanaged devices—with or without an agent installed
  •     Deploys cleanup templates to noncompliant users automatically
  •     Right-size to your organization with model 1500i (up to 1,000 users) or model 3500i (up to 7,000 users)
  •     Uses highly effective vulnerability signatures to block worms and Bots
  •     Works as a standalone product or integrates with Trend Micro Control Manager

Threat Protection

  • Network access control
  • Worms
  • Bots

Protection Point

  • Network

Hardware Overview (Network VirusWall Enforcer 1500i)

  • Form factor: 1U rack mount
  • Inline throughput (max): 180 Mbps
  • Users (max): 1,000
  • Network interfaces: 10/100 Fast Ethernet

Hardware Overview (Network Virus Wall Enforcer 3500i)

  • Form factor: 1U rack mount
  • Inline throughput (max): 1.2 Gbps
  • Users (max): 7,000
  • Network interfaces: 10/100/1000 Fast Ethernet (copper and fiber)
  • Fiber interfaces (optional): 1000BaseLX, 1000BaseSX

Network VirusWall Enforcer 1500i

Network VirusWall Enforcer 3500i


Maximum inline throughput 1.4 Gbps 1.5 Gbps
Maximum concurrent sessions 100,000 350,000
Maximum users (policy enforcement) 1,000 7,000

Network interfaces 10/100 Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet - Copper + Fiber
Optional fiber interfaces No 1 or 2 ports (1000BaseLX), 2 or 4 ports (1000BaseLX)
Number of ports 4 ports* 8 ports**
VLAN support Yes Yes
Management interface Yes Yes

Power supply Single Single
Device failure detection Yes Yes
Port redundancy No Yes
Link failure detection Yes (SNMP) Yes (SNMP)
Failover No Yes (Active-Active-Failover)
Failopen (LAN Bypass) Yes Yes
Hardware status monitoring No Yes

Central management console TMCM 5.0 TMCM 5.0
Web-based management console* Yes Yes
Automatic updates Yes Yes
Trend Micro™ Outbreak Prevention Services Yes Yes
Trend Micro™ Damage Cleanup Services Yes Yes

Form factor 1U rack mountable 1U rack mountable
Height 4.26 cm 4.26 cm
Width 44.7 cm 48.24 cm
Depth 39.7 cm 77.2 cm
Weight 11.8 Kg 17.69 Kg
Operating environment 10° ~ 35°C 10° ~ 35°C
Nonoperating (storage) environment -40° ~ 65°C -40° ~ 65°C
AC Input Voltage 100 to 240VAC 90 to 264VAC
AC Input Current 1.6 Amps Max. input current (high output): 10.5 Amps at 90VAC
Frequency 50 to 60Hz 47 to 63Hz
Power Dissipation 223 W max 450 W max

* By default provide 2 data ports (power-off LAN By Pass) and 2 ports for management/mirror purpose
** By default provide 4 data ports (Power-off LAN By Pass) and 4 ports for management/mirror/sniffer/HA purpose

For Existing Trend Micro Network VirusWall 2500 customers only

Network VirusWall Enforcer delivers plug-n-protect network access control appliance to ensure every device — managed or unmanaged, local or remote — complies with corporate security policies before network access is allowed. It scans devices for the most up-to-date security and critical software patches — without requiring a pre-installed agent. Non-compliant devices are quarantined and sent through automatic remediation.

Here are simple tools to help you migrate easily from your existing Network VirusWall 2500 to Network VirusWall Enforcer 2500.

  • Upgrade Guide (PDF) with step-by-step migration instructions
  • Upgrade Utility Tool (Click on the Network VirusWall Enforcer 2500 v2.0 Firmware Flash Utility available in the "Related Downloads" section on Update Center).

If you need assistance during the upgrade process, please call our special Network VirusWall Enforcer Hotline, set up specifically to help you through a smooth migration:

Worldwide Hotline Phone Number: +1-949-305-5190
Worldwide Hotline Email:
Business Hours: 24x7 (includes voice mail)

For any sales-related questions, please contact your local sales representative.

Deployment Diagram


  1. Local Users: Protects up to four segments from the network as well as from each other
  2. Remote Users: Protects network from VPN users at home or branch office
  3. Unmanaged Users: Protects network from unmanaged devices of visitors (non-employees)
  4. Mission-Critical Applications: Protects mission-critical server farms

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