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Online Guardian - Powerful parental control software that protects your kids online

Smart protection, for smart parents

Online Guardian for families helps you protect your kids against Internet dangers, including cyberbullying and online predators, by letting you monitor their Internet and social network activity and take action to keep them safe.

Easy-to-use parental controls to monitor and filter the web

Online Guardian for families helps you protect your children against Internet dangers, including cyberbullying and online predators. It lets you monitor your kids’ Internet activity 24x7 from anywhere and take action to keep them safe. In one easy-to-read report, you'll get a clear view of what your kids are doing online. Online Guardian shows web browsing history, wall postings, messages, photos and chats.

With Internet monitoring and filtering, Online Guardian helps you safeguard your children and prevent damage to their online reputations. Also, it lets you set age appropriate rules for your kids' Internet activities that include filtering out adult content and limiting their time online.



Compare parental control features between Titanium Maximum Security and Online Guardian for families

Titanium Maximum Security Online Guardian for families
 Titanium Maximum Security  Online Guardian for families
Set online time limits and make daily schedules
Block websites by specific categories
Prevent sensitive data like passwords and credit card info from being sent out
View comprehensive online and monthly email activity reports
Set individual profiles for up to 5 children  
Monitor activities on Facebook and MySpace, regardless of privacy settings  
Monitor instant messaging/chats on Yahoo! and MSN  
View reports and manage activities anytime via a web browser  
See all uploaded/viewed videos and pictures on YouTube and Flickr  
Password for parents to temporarily turn off monitoring and content filtering  
Track keywords searched and sites visited  

Online Guardian for families is parental control software that helps you monitor and protect your kids on the Internet with these key features and benefits:


Social Networking

Monitor your kids’ activities on Internet sites like Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace.

Instant messaging

View your kids’ web chats and conversations on Yahoo! and MSN.

Videos and photos

See what your kids are viewing and posting on websites like YouTube and Flickr.

Keyword search

Easily monitor what your kids are searching for on the Internet.

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Customized protection

Create individual age appropriate profile settings for up to 5 children.
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Website/adult content filtering

Automatically block out any websites and content you consider inappropriate.
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Online time limits

Control how long your kids spend on the Internet and set a daily usage schedule.
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Private data control

Prevent your kids from sharing credit card numbers, passwords, email addresses, and other sensitive information over the Internet.
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Password override

Allows you to temporarily turn off the monitoring and filter software with a password, so you can access "mature" content on the family or child’s PC.
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Easy-to-use management console

Monitor your kids’ Internet activities anytime via a web browser.
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Internet safety guides

Operating systemCPUMemoryDisk space
Windows® 7 Family (32 to 64-bit) 800MHz
(1GHz recommended)
(1GB recommended)
Windows® Vista Family (32 to 64-bit)
Service Pack 1 or higher
(1GHz recommended)
(1GB recommended)
Windows® XP Family (32-bit only)
Service Pack 3 or higher
(800MHz recommended)
(512MB recommended)
Other requirements
Web browser Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 7.0, 8.0 or 9.0, or Mozilla Firefox® 3.5, or Google Chrome™ 10.0 or above
Display High-color display with resolution 1024x576 pixels or higher
PDF reader Any

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