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The Perfect Partner for Managed Services Providers (MSP)

Looking for a mutually beneficial relationship?

Trend Micro is the perfect partner for managed services providers (MSPs). We have a partner program that:

  • Helps you increase productivity
  • Is 100% channel-friendly
  • Helps you decrease costs

Trend Micro Managed Services Provider solutions automate security management, allowing you to focus on the priorities of increasing your value to your customers and growing your business.

Our MSP program will help grow your business

Trend Micro is the perfect partner for MSPs. We give you solutions that will help you become more profitable by lowering your costs, increasing your productivity, and increasing your recurring revenue stream.

In addition to industry-unique tools that allow you to self-provision product licenses on demand and centrally manage your entire customer base from a single web-based management console, Trend Micro offers a monthly pay-as-you-go billing option that aligns with your business model.

If you are a reseller in transition or have transitioned to a managed services provider (MSP) business model, you will find that the Trend Micro MSP program fits your business model and will help facilitate growth and profit.

Our solution set consists of a cloud-based solution and two trailblazing tools to help you transform your MSP business. They are:

  1. Worry-Free™ Business Security Services
  2. Worry-Free™ Remote Manager* and
  3. the Licensing Management Platform.


Trend Micro is the perfect partner for an MSP

  • We understand your business model
  • We provide you with the tools to help you run your business more efficiently
  • We enable you to grow profits and increase the value of your company

 * Worry-Free Remote Manager is only available for channel partners.

Top 10 Reasons Why Managed Services Providers Sign Up with Us

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#1 - Trend Micro helps you increase profits

We know one key pain point for MSPs is fixed fees and slim margins. With Trend Micro cloud-based security services, you can increase recurring revenues, annuity streams, and cash flows. Also, you can increase your average deal size with the opportunity to cross-sell or up-sell to existing clients other Trend Micro solutions like Hosted Email Security.

#2 - Trend Micro helps you increase productivity

Trend Micro knows that another issue for MSP is productivity. With our cloud-based security solutions, you will be able centrally manage accounts and automate monthly usage; streamline usage data and billing with RMM/PSA integrations; and eliminate time consuming-renewal tracking and administration.

#3 - Trend Micro helps you decrease costs

We can help reduce costs with automated transaction processes for billing and licensing provisioning. This can free up your staff to focus on other business activities that need to be addressed.

#4 - Trend Micro helps you grow your business

Trend Micro has a monthly pay-as-you-go billing option. This gives you the flexibility you need when you’re trying to build your business. We are also the only vendor that provides MSP partners with specific tools like the Licensing Management Platform and Worry-Free™ Remote Manager. Our success depends on your success.

#5 - Trend Micro is 100% channel-friendly

Trend Micro has been a trustworthy partner for over 20 years, known for being “100% channel friendly.” We are committed to MSPs and developing long-term, mutually beneficially, stable partnerships with each. We don’t sell direct so we never compete with you over your customers.

#6 - Trend Micro is a leader

With 23+ years of global leadership, Trend Micro delivers proven security that fits into every organization’s IT needs, meeting the ever-changing demands of customers.

#7 - Trend Micro is a focused on Internet Security

Unlike other companies that diversify or narrowly specialize, Trend Micro is one of the world’s largest security vendors and maintains a strict focus on Internet content security and threat management.

#8 - Trend Micro lets you focus on your business

Our MSP solutions assist you by automating processes so you can focus on running your business and increasing your value to your customers. With a Trend Micro hosted security solution, you get centralized management that will help you lower costs, increase your productivity and profit, and, ultimately, grow your business.

#9 - Trend Micro has an impressive track record

With an impressive track record of accomplishment and customer satisfaction, Trend Micro is a:

  • Billion dollar company with over 28 offices worldwide and over 4,800 employees, making Trend Micro the largest independent security company in the world
  • Leader in messaging, web, and endpoint security
  • Leader in cloud computing and virtualization security
  • Leader in server security market share*

*An independent study of worldwide enterprise security market share, Canalys Enterprise Security Analysis, June 2011 *

#10 - Trend Micro’s channel vision is to empower

Our channel vision is to empower our partners with the personal attention, tools, and resources they need to initiate, grow, and sustain a profitable Trend Micro practice. With partners, we will continue to grow Trend Micro sales, increase market penetration, and deliver superior customer service and support to our mutual customers.

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