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Trend Micro SecureCloud

Hosted or Managed Service for Cloud Data Encryption and Key Management

Offer your customers additional security from data theft or compromise in cloud computing environments. Whether you package Trend Micro SecureCloud™ as a managed or hosted service, this efficient, easy-to-use data encryption and key management solution secures your customers’ data in the cloud. SecureCloud increases control and simplifies management by encrypting cloud storage volumes and using policy-based management to authenticate guest virtual machines requesting keys for encrypted cloud storage volumes. The SecureCloud security solution gives your customers greater confidence about the security of their data in the cloud and gives you a competitive advantage over other service providers with less robust data security options.

Here is how it works:

  • You deploy the SecureCloud key server as an on-premise software appliance or as a managed service hosted by Trend Micro.
  • Your customers then provision a volume in your cloud offering and encrypt this with the SecureCloud Agent—installed within the virtual machine that is accessing the storage.
  • Customers then register the encryption key used to secure the volume with a unique virtual machine image under their account in the SecureCloud key server. Registration includes specific information about the machine that will be used by the key server to positively identify it in the future.
  • Virtual machines attempting to gain access to encryption keys will then have to contact the key server and pass security inspections before access to keys and sensitive data is allowed.
  • Key servers can be conveniently located within your data center or at a third-party site.

SecureCloud community enhances revenue potential

Trend Micro provides the ability to write a plug-in for a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) that is not currently supported in a standard release. The plug-in is a thin, translation layer which communicates with the API of the CSP and presents a uniform interface between CSPs. The CSP-specific implementation will handle all logic specific to the CSP such that the rest of the Runtime Agent is CSP agnostic.

The plug-in is available via the Trend Micro Community.

Key benefits for your customers


  • Enables data protection in private and public clouds and virtual environments
  • Promotes safe storage recycling by rendering any data remnants indecipherable
  • Facilitates compliance and supports internal governance


  • Specifies when and where information is accessed through policy-based key management
  • Offers unique server authentication to ensure only authorized virtual machines receive keys
  • Provides remote management of cipher keys to enhance data security and control


Key benefits for you


  • Provides your customers with security options that help overcome their barriers to cloud adoption
  • Increases security offerings to help you differentiate from your competition
  • Improves your security offerings with additional management and maintenance
  • Creates clear separation of duties and roles

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