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Cloud Security at Home

Take the mystery out of cloud computing with Trend Micro as your partner.

What is the Cloud?

It is the technology that gives you the applications and services you want, on demand, and it’s changing the way people use the internet.


Are You Using It?

Are you using Facebook, Google, or Twitter? How about online banking or online photo albums? If you answered “yes” then you are using a cloud-based application.


Are There Risks?

Privacy and data security are ongoing issues that threaten to undermine your online experiences. But with these threats comes a solution. Trend Micro is your perfect partner if you want to take advantage of everything the cloud has to offer. We secure your journey to the cloud.

What is a "Personal Cloud?"

what is a

Dan Conlon, Director of Engineering, Trend Micro, explains what it is and why you should care.
Length: 04:45

Cloud Computing 101

Cloud computing 101

The term "cloud computing" is thrown around quite freely. What is it and how can you benefit?
Length: 02:18

What Does “Cloud” Mean?

What does “cloud” mean? Karina Bowent knows.

Karina Bowent, computer user:
"The cloud is a virtual place for storing data."

What does “cloud” mean? Renaud knows.

Renaud, computer user:
"The cloud is your information that lives on the internet—you can access it without needing your computer."

What does

Ron Casey, computer user:
"The cloud is the big PC in the sky."

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